Anime Detour Day 1

Friday April 7th.

The first day of Anime Detour, I spent walking around advertising my sister’s dance panel for Saturday evening. It was super fun and exciting, a new “big” cosplay to try and create at last minute… (sister created it that is not me this time XD) I will post pictures later once the convention has ended. Now for some rest and then the second day! HYPE!!!

So…. As of late it’s been SOOOO BUSY! … XD I havent posted anything in a long time. First moving and settling into the new house… made my bed from ikea! (which took a whole month to get here…. in the end it was a fun project) and now… the bigger project… the Anime Convention. I’ve been slacking so much on it. And with it approaching in less than 2 weeks, my hands are tied yet again! So, since I’m busy getting ready for that, I will share my doodle for the convention. DJ Zura and Elizabeth.

My sister signed up to do a Korean Dance Challenge panel…and we will be hosting 1 of 3… (our’s is the last one… hopefully we can make a big impact on the first few days) but… off to color them! 😀 

New Adventures!

Finally, got my internet back! Settling into the new house right now. It’s quite the mess. Going to get lots of different furniture, even if my parents don’t agree on it! XD Been eager to do some decorating ever since we decided to move out of the old house. Hopefully in a month or so I’ll have everything moved in and decorated. Gotta dig out my old figurines and set them up neatly on my ledge! Have to stack my cute little plushies into a nice corner hammock and stare at all their stacked cuteness. But until then lots of things to do! 😀


Man… almost a whole month and no updated progress… Sorry about that. Work has been extremely stressful as of late. A girl went on maternity leave, another girl left for a different job, my work load increases ten fold… I’m barely running reports that I ran when I first started work. Everything is a big mess…. but… that’s work for you. Either way thank god tomorrow is friday. Hopefully I can get back to packing, I haven’t been doing much of that since I come home mentally exhausted every night. Even though I said I’d draw once an hour a day, I guess it kind of stopped, lol. Normally I’d draw for an hour bring it home to ink and then eat dinner, shower then go to bed… so with all the moving, I don’t have time to draw. XD Again, been so busy… But… hopefully once everything settles down again we’ll see what happens. OH SHITE! That’s right, I still have to work on my cosplay outfits. The whole house has been a mess as of late there’s no room to craft. I hope I can set up a table in the new house and start some crafting again… only have a month left before it arrives…

Feeling Lazy…

It’s Sunday night… 5 minutes way from midnight…… I don’t want to go to work but I have to… packing hasn’t even been completed yet. (Yay for slacking!)

So, I learned that we’ll be moving at the end of next month, but won’t be living in the house till the 1st of March. (which is kinda weird, but okay I guess.) Still excited about it and trying my hardest not to to buy furniture, lol.

While cleaning, and sorting out things I need and don’t need, I came upon some memorable pictures from my high school days… man was I adorable… looking at myself now… What happened.. oh… I know, the fact that I can drive and have money which allows me, fast food, chips… and all the other delcious stuff in the world that I really shouldn’t be eating. I’ve been cutting back… but must work harder xD

Under the weather…

So… I haven’t posted anything in the past few days. My excuse… I WAS SICK!!! Believe it or not, it all started with Apple Juice. I choked on apple juice at work, it went down the wrong pipe, hacked my lungs out, had a coughing fit to the point where I had a headache, and now feeling the tummy rummbling with frequent trips to the…you know what. Forced myself to go to work… those few days too. first day was hell…. ate something, took a shower then webt to sleep and slept all through the night only to wake up today still feeling like crap.

Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time tomorrow to draw. Though, I spoke with the boss lady and apparently something happened with the hours during work around christmas time, so everyone has to make up 24 hours. So my lunch breaks will probably be shorter… and then on top of me actually packing for the big move. There might be a few less updates in the up coming months. (Mostly the end of this month and Febuary since the move is actually taking place at the end of the next month.) My sister and I have also been checking out new furniture too. Since the currently house we live in is poorly made, there’s mildew and mold build up (ew) we plan on tossing a lot of things out, mainly the matresses and old clothes. Haven’t bought anything, just browsing (because it’d be plain stupid if I bought things now… No place to put them… (looks at the figurines that came in the other day and smiles gently) plus, we want to really measure the bedrooms and actually plan on where things will go… Super hyped for that part… anyway… for now enjoy my little figurines that I’m totally in love with!

Boa Hancock & Monkey D. Luffy


CHICKEN!!!! I… I drew a chicken…. finally… but not a vampire chicken… one of these days… maybe… BUT, yes… Since it’s almost the Lunar New Year, it being the year of the rooster, I… drew a chicken girl thing… :>



So, today is actually my younger brother’s birthday. Since I didn’t feel like getting him an Asuka Langley Soryu figurine for a birthday gift… which he would have adored greatly. And since we live 3 hours apart, I decided to doodle one of his characters I made for him instead. This is a character from one of my original stories (that can’t seem to find it’s way onto paper…). Meet ‘The Scarecrow’, my brother’s character in my story (he also goes by the name Newbie when he’s not in costume). Technically ‘The Scarecrow’ wears goggles, but I wanted to draw eyes so I took those off. Now a bit about the character. Newbie works at the Inn owned by Dutch. Working his butt day and night, he wondered into town and purchased some weapons which he used to do battle to earn money, which he eventually save up enough money to buy high class items, such as the cloak that he’s wearing which gives him both Physical and Magical immunity. He also found a matching set of gloves and hat that enhances his magical abilities. So yes, you guessed it, a mage class character. He specializes in both Fire and Thunder attacks, but excels at all other elements too. His strongest move which normally takes up all his energy is known as, “The Finger of God”, a large amount of electricty gathers around his body to the tip of his finger and then strikes down upon his enemy no matter where they hide. Hueeee… I’m such a geek for fantasy stuff! XD

‘The Scarecrow’


So, it was a very stressful day at work today. So many things needed to get done, so many distractions, and so little time in the day. Was debating if I should have taken a half hour lunch today, but decided against it and needed a longer break to keep my mind off things. (Though it would have been better if I actually left the building and got some fresh air, lol). Anyway, today’s drawing I plan on continuing in the long run (it could be a week from now, or maybe even 5 months, lol who knows….), the beginning of Little-Red-Knight and her Pocket Knight Guild. It’s a bit difficult when everyone hasn’t turned in their costume ideas… I guess I’ll have to make do with only the ones who’ve turned in their outfits, but for now… We have Little-Red-Knight giving us the assurance that this picture will get done… eventually…

Little Red Knight


I cheated today… At first I was going to draw something Spiral Knight again, but as I was inking, I lost interest in the drawing and things turned out bad… Jerko started giving me ideas, at first it was a Vampire Rooster again… I started to draw it… but then started thinking of the Rooster from Moana and the rooster ended up looking that the rooster…. and so I scrapped the idea and will, maybe one day attempt again when I don’t have funny chicken stuck in my head. More ideas were bounced to me, but in the past when I totally did not have enough things to do, I’d do the ideas that were given to me as a daily excersies so I passed on the offers. In the end just to get it over with I decided to go back to my original characters again… Today will be a 2 inch Shuichi. Say, “Hi!”