Not enough hours in the day…. Part 1

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SO… It’s been a while since I’ve done anything at all! I’ve been super busy, I apologize, but as it stands I have no control over my busy schedule. But, other than that I attended the Anime Convention, Anime Detour 2016. It was so much fun! The image above is of the cosplay robot I made, Danboard from Yotsuba!. Yes that’s me in there! It was so much trouble to make, lol. Would I wear that costume again? No…., lol I tore it up and stuffed it into a bag and shoved it into the trunk of my car the last day of the convention, lol. It was easy to make, if I were to ever make it again, I’ll know what to do. (The head was the most difficult piece of #*$& to make EVER!)

Here are a few other pictures with danboard and other cosplayers. Do take note… The cosplay Totoro was taking a break lol…

Yotsuba and Danboard
Danboard and Baymax
Danboard and Saitama….
Danboard and Pikachu