I cheated today… At first I was going to draw something Spiral Knight again, but as I was inking, I lost interest in the drawing and things turned out bad… Jerko started giving me ideas, at first it was a Vampire Rooster again… I started to draw it… but then started thinking of the Rooster from Moana and the rooster ended up looking that the rooster…. and so I scrapped the idea and will, maybe one day attempt again when I don’t have funny chicken stuck in my head. More ideas were bounced to me, but in the past when I totally did not have enough things to do, I’d do the ideas that were given to me as a daily excersies so I passed on the offers. In the end just to get it over with I decided to go back to my original characters again… Today will be a 2 inch Shuichi. Say, “Hi!”