So, today is actually my younger brother’s birthday. Since I didn’t feel like getting him an Asuka Langley Soryu figurine for a birthday gift… which he would have adored greatly. And since we live 3 hours apart, I decided to doodle one of his characters I made for him instead. This is a character from one of my original stories (that can’t seem to find it’s way onto paper…). Meet ‘The Scarecrow’, my brother’s character in my story (he also goes by the name Newbie when he’s not in costume). Technically ‘The Scarecrow’ wears goggles, but I wanted to draw eyes so I took those off. Now a bit about the character. Newbie works at the Inn owned by Dutch. Working his butt day and night, he wondered into town and purchased some weapons which he used to do battle to earn money, which he eventually save up enough money to buy high class items, such as the cloak that he’s wearing which gives him both Physical and Magical immunity. He also found a matching set of gloves and hat that enhances his magical abilities. So yes, you guessed it, a mage class character. He specializes in both Fire and Thunder attacks, but excels at all other elements too. His strongest move which normally takes up all his energy is known as, “The Finger of God”, a large amount of electricty gathers around his body to the tip of his finger and then strikes down upon his enemy no matter where they hide. Hueeee… I’m such a geek for fantasy stuff! XD

‘The Scarecrow’