Under the weather…

So… I haven’t posted anything in the past few days. My excuse… I WAS SICK!!! Believe it or not, it all started with Apple Juice. I choked on apple juice at work, it went down the wrong pipe, hacked my lungs out, had a coughing fit to the point where I had a headache, and now feeling the tummy rummbling with frequent trips to the…you know what. Forced myself to go to work… those few days too. first day was hell…. ate something, took a shower then webt to sleep and slept all through the night only to wake up today still feeling like crap.

Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time tomorrow to draw. Though, I spoke with the boss lady and apparently something happened with the hours during work around christmas time, so everyone has to make up 24 hours. So my lunch breaks will probably be shorter… and then on top of me actually packing for the big move. There might be a few less updates in the up coming months. (Mostly the end of this month and Febuary since the move is actually taking place at the end of the next month.) My sister and I have also been checking out new furniture too. Since the currently house we live in is poorly made, there’s mildew and mold build up (ew) we plan on tossing a lot of things out, mainly the matresses and old clothes. Haven’t bought anything, just browsing (because it’d be plain stupid if I bought things now… No place to put them… (looks at the figurines that came in the other day and smiles gently) plus, we want to really measure the bedrooms and actually plan on where things will go… Super hyped for that part… anyway… for now enjoy my little figurines that I’m totally in love with!

Boa Hancock & Monkey D. Luffy