Feeling Lazy…

It’s Sunday night… 5 minutes way from midnight…… I don’t want to go to work but I have to… packing hasn’t even been completed yet. (Yay for slacking!)

So, I learned that we’ll be moving at the end of next month, but won’t be living in the house till the 1st of March. (which is kinda weird, but okay I guess.) Still excited about it and trying my hardest not to to buy furniture, lol.

While cleaning, and sorting out things I need and don’t need, I came upon some memorable pictures from my high school days… man was I adorable… looking at myself now… What happened.. oh… I know, the fact that I can drive and have money which allows me, fast food, chips… and all the other delcious stuff in the world that I really shouldn’t be eating. I’ve been cutting back… but must work harder xD