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Asked my friend Jerko what to draw today. Thought he’d say something silly like a vampire rooster like that one time… But no… today he said Fairy bottle, and I realized I wanted to draw Bugg, one of my characters I based off my high school friend.


New Home

So, it is official. After living in this little shabby house, my parents have decided, ‘it is time to move!’ They’ve been browsing for houses for quite a long while, since the current house we live in is a rented home. It’s exciting! Now I have the freedom to buy furniture and actually decorate my room. I couldn’t really do that with the current home since we tried our best not to buy uncessary things, since it wasn’t a permanent home. Going to have to sit down and look through all my belongings and see what I need, and what I don’t need. Some of my old babies (stuffed animals) may be needing to find a new home. We’ll have to see how that pans out (since I have quite a collection… especially since it was my sister in law and cousins who normally gifted them to me). Well… Come March It will be a new home. Feeling excited!!!


Had 30 minute lunch today because I accidentally worked through it. Asked a different friend this time what to draw, he said a girl. I said, “I’ve drawn too many of those.” Then I saw a wrapper of half eaten smarties and went “lightbulb!!!” (Drew a girl either way, lol) Anyway this is one of my friend’s PSO2 characters, “Kasumi”. If I colored her, her sleeves would be rainbow colored just like the smarties candy, and her mini skirt red. But… I dont want to add any color to my sketchbook (even though I reaally want to color her) *must fight urge*



Kitty Shu and Lil-Jerko have the spotlight today. Decided to do some Spiral Knights drawing, since it’s been a while. I might need to buy a new .005 pigma pen, (or find the one I was using a few days ago it kind of just went poof…) the one I used today kept doing weird things when I was inking, some lines became bolder, and sometimes didnt even show up, lol.



Finally drew Vonnie properly…. to the point where she doesn’t look quite weird to me, lol. Another scarf drawing. Today there was a blizzard, well during the morning there was snow. But it all stopped mid-day. But with this chilly weather there will be more scarf type drawings! XD  I wonder what I’ll doodle tomorrow…



Spoke with Carly last night, one of my old classmates from college. Thought I’d draw her and a few of my other friends. My hand started moving and my brain suddenly went, “Meh…why not!” So yeah… There’s Carly, Dee, and evil Evon… Thinking back to my Procrastination comic… Evon never got a splash page…. I….I probably should make one… *shrug* I’ll get to it eventually!

From the Top: Evil Evon, Carly, Dee, Christie, and a Teddy.’


I……….I was bad today… After work, realizing that my shoes had finally met their end, (and on top of that there was a blizzard today) I went to the Mall of America and ended up impulse buying… one of my FAVORITE digimon of all time (only because he looks like a bunny). GWAHHH He’s too cute!



The last of my minions. Again my drawing was cut short today, but I guess I’ll consider it “homework” when I bring the drawing home. Today is Kyler and Fuji, along with their new baby sister, a Copper colored Husky, Miki. Now… I do have a bit of explaining about this picture. Kyler is the eldest out of my minions… he’s obsessed with puppies, especially Huskies. Anyway, there was one point in his life where one of his favorite stuffed Huskyies was mauled to death by a relatives’s dog… little guy cried long and hard… but because I’m the best auntie, his new favorite is spared …


Quiet Music Time

So… when I’m drawing or crafting, I’m normally listening to calming music, you know to stimulate the mind… Most of the time, the music I listen to is some sort of video game instrumental or something just quiet and plesant…. But ever since listening to some utaite covers, I came across Osamuraisan acustic arrangement for Kagerou Project’s: Summertime Record sung by Mafumafu…. GWAAAHHHH!!!!! My soul!!!! I fell in love. Everything he plays is so beatiful and pleasant. I can’t get enough of his arrangements!!!! They’re all beatifully created, even his originals are bliss to my unworthy ears. If you ever get a chance, watch one of his videos and take the load off your shoulders!


Today was a short day. Today’s lunch hour was only 30 minutes. So I didn’t finish on time and resulted in bringing the drawing home to work on. It took me quite a while… I’m not good with sitting postures and I know I screwed up, lol (more like got fed up and quit) But… to continue the minion series, today is my nephew; Kody and his best buddy Pengu.

Kody and Pengu