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Hmm… It’s been a while….

Totally forget about this blogsite, lol. So.. how about some random ramblings that not much people will read, and if you do read this… I congratulate you! So…what shall I talk about? One of my friends wants me to talk about my pet rooster… He’s a noisy little bugger… and when I mean annoying, I mean annoying… (crows at 3 in the morning…) oh how I want a cat or dog…


So… life zoomed up to me finally, I got a job…. I now work as a receptionist for a chemical manufacturing company. No, no, no… these aren’t the types of chemicals that can produce zombies in your back yard… (unless they like to be clean and have a nice lemony fresh scent). These chemicals are all eco-friendly and are used for cleaning laundry and dishes. So…again a new adventure. With less time to do anything! (depressed) so much for my webcomic now…. u_u;;;

New Day, New Adventure….

So… I got up a bit late today… It being a Saturday morning and all. And to my surprise, a package addressed to me came in. It was something that I’ve been patiently waiting for a very long time! (Almost all the way in November). What was it? My Milk-Tea Usa-Loppy Ribbon Pouch!!! GWAHH I’M DYING FROM A CUTE ATTACK!

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Hello world!

Hello and thank you for visiting shusketch! I’m Shuichi_Kun, or Shu for short. My real name is Christie, and I’m just your average stay home person. With so much free time, I pretty much do anything from day dreaming, to reading, to drawing, and to play video games.

Anyway, I want to introduce my newest Project; Pocket Knights.  It’s a little adventure that I and many other friends I met online, created together. It’s a story about a little tiny knight named, Little-Red-Knight and her many companions, learning the many mysteries of the new world that they crashed on known as; Cradle. This was inspired by the game Spiral Knights. An MMORPG owned by Three Rings Inc., and SEGA. I’m SUUUPER hyped for it to finally kick off!  My goal for it is to introduce more players to the community! And get more people fixated with the tiny knights and monsters that exist.

Another place to check out is my old, slow paced Comic, Procrastination.  It’s about my friends and I battling the oh so mighty powerful, Procrastination. Just something silly I made up back in my college days when I purchased a random sketchbook at a local art store. Who knew what things led up to.

Other than that! I’ll end my useless babbles for now! 😀 Again, thank you much for visiting! And hope you all enjoy!~